Friday, March 29, 2013


At the Google Summit this week I learned about inbox0. I have officially been at inbox0 for 24 hours. =) Let's just say I love the feeling of having no mail in my inbox.

For those of you (like myself) who weren't really sure what inbox0 was. It is not having any mail in your inbox(es). I have three email accounts and all three have inbox0.  

How might you ask? - You can accomplish this by doing the four d's with all of your emails.

Four decisions to make about every email:

- Defer it - Shift-T (add it to your calendar or task list)

- Delete it - e (or archive)

- Delegate it - f

- Do it - r (only if it takes you less than 2 minutes)

*Gmail short cuts.

Why do I want to be at inbox0? - Well if you are like me, you are keeping messages in your inbox for one of four reasons:
1. You haven't opened/read the email.
2. You are keeping it as a to-do list.
3. You want to look at the information in the email later.
4. You don't have time!

If you do the four d's with every email you receive then you will have more time because you will not spend time searching your inbox and you will feel very accomplished. Also, your mailbox will not be dictating to you what you need to do. You will be more efficient and effective in your work.

How to get started?

1. Archive or delete all items older than 3 months. If you haven't done the task and it is 3 months later most likely you aren't going to do it. If you haven't referred back to the email in the past three months you don't need it.

2. Use filters or folders to tag and organize items. This way they aren't clogging up your inbox and you will know where to find them later if you REALLY need to keep them.

3. Do the 4 D’s with what is left over.

How long does it take? - I was able to get all three of my inboxes at inbox0 while watching Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, and NCIS. So, for me it took approximately a TV show, one hour, per mailbox. So tonight, set back relax, watch TV, and become inbox0. =)

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